Thursday, 15 December 2011

Paranoid Schizophrenia

Paranoid schizophrenia is characterized by presence of delusions, hallucinations and other thought disturbances like thought withdrawal, thought broadcasting etc.
Hallucinations- patients report hearing voices, someone talking to them,  commonly  they say that voices speak bad about me, or I hear people talking, planning about me etc
Delusions- patients report that everyone is looking at me or, someone is looking at me in a particular manner etc, these are called as delusions of reference, the other delusion is delusion of persecution- someone is going to harm me, someone is going to kill me etc.
Thought Disturbances- patients report that everyone can know my thought as if they are broadcasted. They can also report insertion or withdrawal of thoughts, eg.  These thoughts are not mine someone is putting them in my head, or someone is taking away my thoughts.
There can be some bizarre ideation like: transmitters are fitted in the room, my thoughts are being said on the TV etc. They are all part of the symptomatic process.
They  usual  presentation of a patient is they the  patients is withdrawn from the society , stays in the house is fearful, suspicious ,  and  is unwilling to come out or work etc, they also don’t take  care  of themselves- not taking bath , not changing clothes etc. there can also  be increased use of nicotine-smoking,  tobacco etc.
Management- patients should be taken to the doctor acute management can involve: use of anti psychotics, electroconvulsive therapy and admission. Details of treatment of schizophrenia will be posted after all types.


  1. This is very true as my brother has had the same symptoms long back when he complained of some satellite controlling his mind. Of late he has also told me that he had some control over authenticating dead persons soul as good sole and bad sole and segregating them. I was shocked to hear that. How could possibly such idea crop up?

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